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Check and Terminate session when NWA is not accessible

How to check HTTP sessions and security sessions?

Please use the command "telnet hostname 5<xx>08", here <xx> is instance number, input admin user and password then follow the process below:

  • lsc (In order to list the available server nodes)
  •  jump <server node>
  •  add LOGIN
  •  add SERVLET_JSP
  •  session -list > sessions.txt -> this is security session list
  •  http_sessions full > http_sessions.txt

How to terminate security sessions?

Please follow the steps below in order to terminate security sessions:

  • We can only terminate the security sessions. In the sessions.txt file which we got in the steps above there is an entry like following:

[Security Session (session number: <number>) (client id: XXXXXXX_SAP) (user name: XXXX) (created at: XX XX XX XX:XX:XX CEST 20XX)]

  • Now use the command 'terminate session <number>' from telnet in order to terminate the session, the number is from 'session number' in above entry.

Note: It is never recommended to use the command "terminate session" when java system is in normal condition, always use this command when the system cannot be accessed due to huge sessions created in the system.