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Abap/heap_area_dia Limit of Heap Memory for Dialog Work Processes 

Use of Parameter abap/heap_area_dia

The parameter abap/heap_area_dia is allocations limit the amount of heap memory also known as private memory which can be allocated by SAP dialog work process. This makes sure that there is sufficient swap space available.

Note: The local memory is generally not required anymore with modern 64-bit platforms because the memory requirement is fulfilled by the SAP Extended Memory.


The image below represents the relationship between abap/heap_area_dia and abap/heaplimit:

When the abap/heaplimit value has been reached, the work process restarts after the dialog step ends. In case if the consumption of heap memory exceeds the quota abap/heaparea_(non)dia then the user context which has been executed at that moment get cancelled before it can be completed.

The abap/heap_area_dia quota can be used in order to prevent single dialog work process from filling the entire heap memory of the application server.

The work processes of an application server will be able to allocate only that much heap memory which has been specified in parameter abap/heap_area_total. The limit specified in the parameter means a combination of heap memory usage of all work processes for an application server.

Points to Remember

  • The value of abap/heap_area_dia quota is specified in bytes.
  • The default value or limit is platform-specific and dynamically determined. It is Defaultwert specified in t-code RZ11. This value must not be changed.

Note: Please make sure that the value or limit is sufficient to fulfil all the regular memory requirements, but not so much that the work process runs up against the swap space limit of the OS.