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Create Sundry Debtor

This SAP training tutorials step by step process to create sundry debtors in SAP (Reconciliation account for customers) with the help of t-code FS00. 

What is Sundry Debtor?

The sub-ledger accounting Accounts receivable is also known as sundry debtors.

How to Create Sundry Debtor?

Please follow the steps below to create a sundry debtor:

Execute t-code FS00 in the SAP command field:


Next in the Edit G/L Account Centrally screen, you need to input the following details.

  • G/L account: Input general ledger account for creating a new sundry debtors a/c in your SAP system.
  • Company code: Input the company code under which company code the G/L account has to be created.

GL Account

Now click Create icon.


Next under the Type/Description section enter the following information.

  • G/L Account Type: Select statement type balance sheet.
  • Account Group- Enter the account group that the G/L account belongs.

Next, go to the Control Data tab.


Under the Control tab, enter the following information.

  • Account currency of G/L account.
  • Update the reconciliation account for account types as customers.


Next, go to Create/Bank/Interest tab and update the field status group as CH67 (Reconciliation Accounts).

Create Bank Interest

Once all the details for new sundry debtors required are entered, click on the Save button.


You have successfully created sundry debtors in SAP FICO.