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Maintain Exchange Rates in SAP

This tutorial explains step by step procedure to Maintain Exchange Rates in SAP

You can enter the Exchange Rates as Direct or Indirect Quotations according to your requirement

  • Direct quotations: Here the user can enter multiple base currencies into the Foreign Currency. For eg :1 USD = 75 X 1 INR
  • Indirect Quotation: In this 1/56 USD = 1 INR In the next screen

In this tutorial, we will use InDirect Quotation

How to Maintain Exchange Rates in SAP?

Please follow the steps below to maintain the exchange rate in SAP:

Step 1) Execute t-code SPRO in SAP Command Field


Step 2) Next click the SAP Reference IMG button

SAP Reference Img

Step 3) Now on the Display IMG navigate to the following SAP menu path:

SAP Netweaver -> General Settings ->Currencies ->Enter Exchange Rates

Navigation Path

On Change View "Currency Exchange rates":Overview screen you will see the list of all previously maintained exchange rates on your SAP system.

Step 4) Now click the New Entries button to create a new entry

New Enteries

Step 5) On the next screen enter the following data:

  • ExRT: Enter the Exchange Rate Type
  • Valid From: Enter the start date from which the exchange rates are valid
  • From: Enter First Currency
  • Dir.quot: Enter Quotation Rate
  • To: Enter Second Currency

Exchange Rate Details

Step 6) Once you enter all the required information click the Save button to save all the information


Step 7) Next select your Customizing Request id and press Enter to proceed further

Customization Request

Now Data was saved message will appear on the bottom of your screen.

A new Exchange Rate has been added New Exchange Ratein your SAP system.