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Adjust Payment Difference into Cash Discount

How to adjust the Payment Difference into Cash Discount?

This tutorial explains step by step how can we adjust the payment difference into Cash Discount.


Please follow the steps below in order to adjust payment difference into cash discount

First in transaction code OBA3 please set the Permitted Payment Differences for customer/vendor in the field of "Adjust Discount By".

Now please set the Permitted Payment Differences for users in the field "cash discount adjust to" in transaction code OBA4.

Now in transaction code F-22 please make a customer invoice with payment terms.

Now at last please make an incoming payment in F-28.

Now after performing all the above steps If Payment Difference is within "Adjust Discount By" in T-CD OBA3 and "cash discount adjust to" in T-CD OBA4, the Payment Difference will not go to Payment Difference transaction ZDI, but will go Cash Discount, t-code SKT.