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What is Hold and Parking of Document?

Hold Document: It is for short term and is used when tranaction Dr or Cr is uncertained and generally its is used for external purpose. eg: Advance from potential customer

Parking Document: Its is for longer period generally used for internal purpose. eg: Advance made for employes.

What is the main purpose of this document. Why we are using this one to in FI? How it is useful?

Parking documents is used when we need to get any clarification regarding some account.

We can temporarily park or store this document till we get it cleared or approved.

Then we can post it.

Remember.... parking does not update the accounts....... it just stores the document..... whereas posting will update the accounts....( for example.... the reducing/increasing of the account balances).

The TC for Parking Documents is F-02 -> enter the required details ->go to the menu (at top ) ->Document-> Park.

To post a parked document : FBV0-> go to the menu Document-> Post.

Other TCs used pertaining to Parking of Documents are :

FV50 : Post / Delete : Single Screen Transaction
FBV2 : Change
FBV3 : Display
FBV4 : Change Header
FBV5 : Display Changes
FBV6 : Refuse