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Define Fourmulas For Calculating Withholding Tax

Dear All
When to "Define Fourmulas For Calculating Withholding Tax" we can define slabs for withholding tax calculation with different % rate according to the increasing base amount.
But we require to add a particular amount with increasing rate like
5% withholding tax upto Rs. 400,000/-
Rs. 12,500 + 10%  of the amount exceeding Rs. 400,000/-
Rs. 72,500 + 15% of the amount exceeding Rs. 1,000,000/-
Does any one knows the option to add a fixed amount with %.


  • 20 May 2013 6:56 am Guest
    Define Withholding Tax Keys

    Define Withholding Tax Type for Payment Posting

    Note:- The accumulation type has been set to per year starting from period 1. This is customer specific requirement. The settings in the Accumulation type will effect how the slab based WHT is calculated incase of accumulation or no accumulation.

    Define Rounding Rule for Withholding Tax Type

    Define Withholding Tax Codes

    Note:- Please select the indicator for W. tax Formula

    Define Formulas for Calculating Withholding Tax
    Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes

    Define Accounts for Withholding Tax to be Paid Over

    Tariq Ali
    Engro Corporation Ltd.