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Execute Assessment Cycle Items – KSU5

Accounting→Controlling→Cost Center Accounting→Period End Closing→Single Functions→Allocations→Distribution

1. On the screen "Execute Actual Distribution: Initial screen" Enter the Beginning and Ending Period in Period field.

2. Enter the Fiscal Year in Fiscal Year field.

3. Check off the Box on Test Run and Detail List.

4. Enter the Cycle Name in Cycle field. (Use the Pull down      Arrow to excess the list of existing cycles.)

5. Enter the Start Date in Start Date field.

6. Press "Execute    Button" or Press F8.

7. If there is no error then Execute again with the without Test Run.

8. Click on the Save button    or press CTRL-S.

9. Click on Exit Button to exit      or Shift & F3 to return to the SAP Easy Access screen.