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Change in Company Code Currency

You are a live site in China using company code currency as "RMB". The client would like to change the same to "JPY". How to achieve the same and the impact of the same?

This will be a big task for you.

We did the same project before.

What's your strategy?

You`ll use the same client for the new currency, or you`ll have a brand new one.

What we`ve done before was creating a brand new environtment.

These were our strategies :
1. copied all the customization in a new client, no transactions and no master datas. so you`ll have the same settings
with your live system.

2. created a new company code with the new currency, and copy all the customization. this step was to minimize our
step in recustomization.

3. uploaded all the master datas...and started to do a new transaction. thats what we did. and fortunately our client
was satisfied w our job:D

The suggestion is don't do that in a live system or else you`ll have a big problem then.