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What is "Real Time" Integration?

What is "real time integration" advantage of SAP?

What is the Config for Integration entry? How these entries get formulated in backend?

Real time integration is nothing but the data posting to all the affected areas instantly when an activity is performed. For E.g. When you do a FI-SD integration, when a PGI is posted, the following entry is affected :

1. Cost of Goods Sold Dr 100
To Inventory Account Cr 100

Here the Cost of Goods Sold is an FI entry and Inventory Account related to MM but both of them gets affected immediately when you post a PGI in SD.

The updation of these entries when PGI is done is called Real Time Integration. The affect is shown in all FI, MM and SD modules once you save the entry.

The configuration for the below entry is done in OBYC

1. Cost of Goods Sold Dr 100 (T-Key GBB)
To Inventory Account Cr 100 (T-Key BSX)

The automatic entries are posted to inventory accounts through T-keys to which GL accounts are assigned. These T-keys are assigned to movement types in MM. Please refer to T-code OMWN and OMWB for proper understanding.