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Manual bank statement processing

Manual bank statement processing


Accounting → Financial Accounting → Banks → Incoming → Bank Statement → FF67 -- Manual Entry

1. Select from the menu setting-> Specifications.

2. A specification screen must pop up it is your first time to process a manual bank statement if it does not pop out use the above menu.

3. Select into Bank Determine. Check box

4. Enter Start Variant.

5. Enter the customer Match Code id

6. Enter processing type.

7. Select the transfer value date check box.

8. Click the Enter   button.

9. Assumption. Not the first statement:

10. Enter the Company code.

11. Enter house bank.

12. Enter account ID

13. Click on the    button.
(Select the Bank account for which the reconciliation is to be done, choose you accountbydoubleclickingonit.)

14. Click on the   button.

15. (Note: that the Statement number, Statement date and Beginning balance will automatically default Check the Closing Bank Statement balance and enter it in the Ending balance field. This balance is the one reflected on the bank statement.)

16. Click the Enter button

17. Enter Bank Posting Date

18. Enter bank reference

19. Enter Transaction code

20. Enter Value Date

21. Click on the Save button.

22. Select bank Statement Post Individual

23. Assumption. first statement:

24. Enter the Company code.

25. Enter house bank.

26. Enter account ID.

27. Enter Statement number

28. Enter Statement Date

29. Enter Posting Date

30. Enter Opening balance

31. Enter Closing Balance

32. Click on the enter   button

33. Enter Bank Posting Date

34. Enter bank reference

35. Enter Transaction code

36. Enter Value Date

37. Click on the Save button.

38. Select bank Statement Post Individual.

39. Click on the Exit   button.