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Reverse Year-end closing

If you closed a fiscal year too soon, and still need to make corrections, you can reset the last closed fiscal year in Customizing for :-

Asset Accounting (Periodic processing -> Year-end closing -> Reverse).

Using this function, you can re-open the last closed fiscal year, either for selected depreciation areas in a company code, or for all depreciation areas in a company code. You do this by changing the field for the last closed fiscal year.

Be careful if you re-open a fiscal year only for certain depreciation areas, and you need to make adjustment postings only in these areas. You cannot use the standard transaction types for these postings, since the standard transaction types post to all depreciation areas. Instead, you have to define your own transaction types in Customizing for Asset Accounting (Transactions), limiting them to the required depreciation areas.

OAAQ - Reverse year-end closing for deprciation area

At the desired company code, change the fiscal year in 'Closed fiscal year' column.

Save entries and create a new request.

Change Asset fiscal year

AJRW - Asset fiscal year change

Company code : Your Company code

New fiscal year : Last closed fiscal year

Uncheck 'Test run' if this is a production run

At menu bar, click Program -> Execute in background.