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Create Asset Master Data Category-Leasing/Insurance Depreciation- AS01

Create Asset Master Data Category-Leasing/Insurance Depreciation- AS01


1. Click on the tab name required and enter Business information required, this will be decided by the asset class for leasing or insurance information for which tab display. Enter location of asset-Use drill down to select the required option-This option is for reporting purposes.

2. Click on the final tab- Depreciation- the account assignment category for depreciation.

3. Click into the use-life field and enter the required life of the asset being created.

4. Click into the depreciation start date field. Enter the date manually or use the icon button to display the calendar and select from the date range available.

5. Note: Must be a date starting with the 01 date can not be any other date with in the month being selected or error will be created when trying to save the asset.

6. Click on the    Button- if the asset is fully completed and all fields updated correctly the asset will be saved and SAP will general an individual system asset number.

7. To view asset you can use AS03 or to view and change use AS02.

8. Quick note, you can save asset after the General and Time-Dependant information has be filled and then click on the    for asset number as well.