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Reconciliation of AR/AP between PCA and FI

  • In the standard SAP System the distribution via SAPF180A (Transaction F.5D) is only calculated for the items that are not cleared at the time you execute SAPF180A. This causes problems, for example, if you clear an item on 2/1 that is open on 1/31 and execute SAPF180A after this. The valuation differences are not distributed to profit center and business area in this case. Please see note 131242.
  • You calculate unrealized exchange rate gains and losses using SAPF100. The corresponding distribution of these items to profit centers and business areas is calculated via SAPF180A (Transaction F.5D). At the time of the foreign currency valuation, these items were distributed and cleared via SAPF180A. However, in the SAP standard system, the distribution of the foreign currency valuation is only calculated for the items that are not yet cleared at the time you execute SAPF180A. Please see note 409364 and 410380.
  • Wrong exchange rate differences after clearing has been reset. Please see note 415550.

Steps for analyse

To proof that the discrepancy is due to the valuation differences, you can perform the following steps :

1. Import of the actual version of report groups 8A98 and 8A99 (TA OKT0: Customizing PCA -> Information System -> Report Painter -> Import Reports).

2. Use TA GRR1 to copy report

            8A4-0010 to ZA4-0010 (Drill-down receivables)
             8A4-0012 to ZA4-0012 (Drill-down payables)
               (in library 8A4).

3. Modify these 2 reports ZA4-0010 and ZA4-0012 to select value using company code and key date only. You can use TA GR32 :
Select Edit -> General data selection -> Display/Change -> Deselect this field 'Profit Center'.
When executing these 2 reports, you will be asked to create a new report group. You can specify any report group name.
Please also take note that this selection field 'Key Date' is referring to the last day of the period defined in the fiscal year variant.

4. Now you can compare the reconciliation accounts or customer accounts at company code, account and period level. The formulae for the reconciliation is :
     Total Amount in PCA   =   FI Balance  -  Valuation differences
     Actual line items                          show in reports
       (TA KE5Z )              (TA FS10)         8A98 and 8A99

              !!! To get right data concerning the value differences reports 8A98 and 8A99 can only be executed with the period of the last run of 1KEK (value differences are not stored periodically and contain always the actual differences).

If you work with the standard setting of valuation differences in PCA transaction KE5T shows differences amounting to the valuation differences shown in report groups 8A98 and 8A99. Please be aware of this.

If you do not want the system to net off the valuation differences when transferring the AR/AP items to PCA, you can implement either one of the solutions mentioned in note 111491.