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PCA Planning configuration


This entry describes how to configure PCA Planning. The transactions listed are for cost/revenue planning. SAP divides PCA planning into cost/revenue, balance sheet, and statistical key figure planning. They share functionality, with exception of the plan layouts.


Import standard planning layouts - transaction code 7KEJ

Maintain planning layout - transaction code 7KEA for costs/revenue. This is a Report Painter layout.

  • Maintain Planner Profile - Transaction code KP34PC

  • Copy layout (probably want to copy 8A-411 Profit Centers/Account Group) into Z layout

  • Drill down into Profit Center Accounting - Layouts for PCA - Default Parameters

  • Choose Integrated Excel

  • Double-click, and enter default parameters, then click on Overview (mountain icon)

  • Click 'Save File Description' icon

  • Save Excel Layout

  • Click on Generic File, enter in all CAPS a .txt name for the files that will be uploaded, with an asterisk (example PLANNING*.TXT)

  • Choose File - Save as to save the Excel template to be used later to upload spreadsheet plan data

Set up Plan Version - menu path SPRO - Profit Center Accounting - Planning - Basic Settings for Planning - Plan Versions - Maintain Plan Versions

Using Planning

Transaction 7KE1 allows for manual cost/revenue planning.

  • Choose Planning - Set Planner Profile, choosing the planning profile defined in Customizing. Click the diskette icon 'User Master Record' if this is the main type of planning to be done by the user.

  • Enter in desired profit center and account parameters, then execute.

  • Enter values, then click diskette icon in SAP menu bar to save.

  • If the user does not already have a template for spreadsheet upload, choose File -- Save as from the Excel menu.

Transaction 7KEX allows for spreadsheet upload of plans.

  • First update the spreadsheet. Remove the totals line at the bottom of the sheet. You may have to unprotect the sheet to work with it. Then, enter your amounts. Save the sheet as a text, tab delimited file.

  • You can import either a single file, or multiple files in a folder. If you choose the folder option, SAP will pull in all files with the naming convention in the folder. For example, if the planning is configured as above, PLANNING1.TXT, PLANNING2.TXT, and PLANNING3.TXT would all be imported.

  • change the decimal notation field to 1,234,567.89.

  • Execute. SAP will indicate the status of the upload.

Please feel free to contact Tony Vernon (founding author) at with any questions.