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Define Assessment – KSU1 / KSU2 / KSU3

Accounting→Controlling →Cost Center Accounting →
Period End Closing → Current Settings →
S_ALR_87005742 - Define Assessment (Create / Change / Display)

1. On the screen "Create Actual Assessment Initial Screen", Enter the Controlling Area and press Save   Button:

2. Enter the Name of Assessment Cycle in Cycle Field.

3. Enter the Cycle Start Date (Usually the start of the fiscal year or Calendar year) in Start Date.

4. Press Enter to proceed.

5. Enter the Description of the Cycle in Text field.

6. Enter Cycle Expiry Date in to date field. Iterative

7. Select indicator from Indicators options available.

8. Click on     or Press Shift+F8.

Segment Header Tab

  9. Enter Name of the Segment in Segment field.

10. Enter Description of the sending Cost Center in Segment Description.

11. Enter Assessment Cost Element in Assessment Cost Element Field.

12. Select Posted amounts from sender rule options available.

13. Enter the Percentage of sender amount in Share in % field.
14. Enter Receiving Formula in Receiver Rule. (Use the pull down arrow      
      to access the list of Receiver Rule.

Sender / Receivers Tab

15. Enter the Cost Center in Sender Cost Center field.

16. Enter the Cost Elements in Sender Cost Elements field.

17. Enter the Cost Center or Group in Receiver Cost Center field.

Receiver Tracing Factor

18. Enter the Percentage against the Receiver Cost Centers in Percentage field.

19. Click on "Segment Header" tab and then click on check button     or press
      Ctrl+F12 to check the cycle for errors.

20. Press Enter and Click on the Save button     or press CTRL-S.

21. Click on Exit     Button to exit or Shift & F3 to return to the SAP Easy
      Access screen.

Enter the Percentage of sender amount in Share in % field.