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FBRA - F5136: Balance of line items not zero

A payment using a payment card fails, in other words, the payment is reversed using Transaction FBRC where the customer or vendor item is reopened.It is not possible to reset a payment document posted again for the open customer or vendor item by using Transaction FBRA, "Reset Cleared Items" and it responds with the error message "Balance of the line items is not zero".

The solution consists of a repair report, so that the current payment document can be reset by means of 'Reset Cleared Items', and of a correction.

    1. Repair-report ZREPAIR_BSEGC_FBRA:Create it temporarily as a test report using Transaction SE38. First the current payment/clearing document must be cleaned up of payment card data by means of the repair-report. Afterwards you can reset the payment document by means of 'Reset Cleared Items'. The report takes the current payment document as a parameter. In this case only changes are made to the database if the option "DO_UPD" is set.

    2. Advance correction:Supplement the interface for function module CREDIT_CARD_POST_REFUSAL with table parameter T_BSEG with reference type BSEG. The following describes the procedure in more detail.

        a) Transaction SE37: Enter function module CREDIT_CARD_POST_REFUSAL and choose "Change".

        b) On the "Tables" tab page, create parameter T_BSEG with reference to structure BSEG.

        c) Save and activate the function module.

    3. After you implemented the correction or the R/3 Support Packages valid for this note, read Note 450081 to avoid the unwanted deletion of payment card data.