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Time-dependent valuation parameters

This note deals with questions regarding the maintenance of time-dependent valuation parameters in the asset master record.


Question1: Which parameters are time-dependent?

Answer: At most, you can maintain the following time-dependent valuation parameters:

    • depreciation key
    • planned useful life
    • variable depreciation amount
    • asset scrap value
    • scrap value as percentage of APC

      These parameters are, of course, dependent of the settings of the screen layout for depreciation areas.

Question 2: How can you maintain time-dependent valuation parameters?

Answer: You must have activated SAP R/3 Enterprise Add-On Financial. To maintain time-dependent valuation parameters online, call transaction AS02 (Change Asset Master Record), choose 'Depreciation areas', double-click a depreciation area and choose 'More Intervals' on the subsequent screen. However, this does not work for areas that copy valuation parameters.

              You cannot maintain time-dependent valuation parameters when you create an asset or when you use the BAPI BAPI_FIXED_ASSET_CHANGE.

Question 3: In which database tables are the time-dependent valuation parameters stored?

Answer: The data is stored in the database table ANLBZA. The table ANLB still contains the time-independent parameters and the data of the period ending on 31.12.9999 (see the field ANLB-BDATU). If there is only one period (which, by default, lasts from 01.01.1900 to 31.12.9999), there is only one entry in the table ANLB and none in the table ANLBZA.

Question 4: Which data is displayed on the maintenance screens

Answer: On the 'Valuation' screen, the system displays the data from the table ANLB  so that the maintenance of valuation parameters also works time-independently without SAP ECC Extension Financials. This means (see answer to question 3) that you can see the valuation parameters valid for the period ending on 31.12.9999 and not for the period valid for the system date. The period limits are displayed on the top left on the detail screen of the depreciation area. On the 'More Intervals' screen, you can see the time-dependent valuation parameters from the database table ANLBZA.

Question 5: How are time-dependent valuation parameters transferred to other depreciation areas?

Answer: After you have implemented the corrections contained in Note 955125, the source area and the areas that copy from this valuation parameter always have the same periods with identical valuation parameters. In areas of this type, you cannot create or delete periods manually.

              You cannot copy the scrap value to other areas if there are several periods. As a workaround, use the scrap value as a percentage of the APC as described in Note 849166.