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Manual Bank Reconciliation Statement

MOVE INTO transaction code :ff67
fill in the bank account number which u been maintaining in sap
give statement number as 1 if its ur first reconciliation
give the posting date
give the opening balance as 0 remember it should always be zero
give the closing balance and enter


  • 20 Jan 2009 9:32 am Rakesh
    plz give me the detail step by step

  • 21 Jul 2009 7:30 am Guest
    Pls provide screen shot
  • 22 Jul 2009 9:19 am Govind Rajulwar
    Please send me the automatic Bank Reco Procedure in SAP.
  • 23 Jul 2009 9:03 am Guest
    kindly provide me the steps with spanshots of SAP
    pls do the Needful at an Earliest..