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OBR1 - restoring deleted CO data

In transaction OBR1 (Reset Transaction Data), you initialize a company code and select the option "Delete CO data". However, the system does not only delete the CO data of the selected company code, but deletes the entire controlling area instead. Note the following information from the F1 input help for the option referred to:

If the "Delete CO data" indicator is activated, the system determines the assigned controlling area from the company code and resets its data completely, regardless of whether additional company codes are assigned that are not reset. The selection of data is not restricted to data that is transferred from one company code only to the controlling area.

In the standard SAP system you cannot restore CO data. You must restore your system based on a backup. If this is not possible, contact remote consulting, which may help you to restore the controlling area. A restoration takes place in the following steps:

  • Reimport a current backup of the production system before the incident in a test system.
  • Extract all CO data for the controlling area in the test system.
  • Reimport the CO data in the production system.
  • Post all CO-relevant postings subsequently that were created after the backup.
  • Post all profit center-relevant postings subsequently that were created after the backup.
  • Post operation confirmations temporarily entered, subsequently.
  • Build the reconciliation ledger

To avoid additional expense, do not make any CO-internal postings, such as settlements, until the corrections have been implemented. In this process you would also, for example, settle orders that were already completed in previous years. FI postings that resulted from this would also have to be cleared.

Open a message under the component XX-RC. If you have questions about this consulting solution, send an e-mail to

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