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Reserves for unrealized costs for WIP calculation

You are executing the WIP calculation for actual costs for an order. Instead of work in process, the WIP calculation calculates reserves for unrealized costs (results analysis categories RFKA, RFKN or RFKW) since the balance is negative in the order for which the WIP is calculated. The credit of the order (for example due to goods receipt into stock) is thus higher than the debit (for example by usage from stock). You do not want the WIP calculation to display reserves. The stock should rather be reduced correspondingly (negative work in process).

  • Select the entry for the results analysis key of the order in Customizing for the valuation methods of the results analysis (Transaction OKG3).
  • Now select the entry for status 'REL'.
  • Enter 'B' in the 'Special funct.' field.
  • Save.
  • If there is an entry for status 'PREL', also select this entry.
  • Again, enter 'B' in the 'Special funct.' field.
  • Save.