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Material Ledger/Actual Costing: Revaluating COGS

For the techy bits .. I'm on 4.7 (with IS-Oil) and I'm trying to see how to make use of ML for stock valuation...

I pretty much got everything so far
- single-level price determination (calculating the actual price within a depot where product is bought into)
- multi-level price determination (calculating the actual at e.g. service stations getting supplied from the depots)

...when posting the closing entries remaining inventory is now valuated at the "right" price (meaning the newly calculated actuals) at month-end, price differences from the depots are carried over to the service stations to calculate the value of the closing inventories there

Only thing that I can't seem to get right is the revaluation of the GI for Sales (Cost of Goods Sold: COGS) out of the service stations (e.g. via MvmtType 601)

According to the SAP documentation that should be possible:
Release Notes 4.7: As of Release 4.70 you can revaluate comsumption for the actual period using actual prices. In particular, this enables you to valuate the cost of goods sold using actual prices. In earlier Releases it was only possible to use the results from actual costing to valuate materials already delivered to the warehouse.

Somehow though, the price differences that should be charged to COGS still remains as an Not Allocated Consumption under the respective material...

Anybody ever tried that? ...and made it work??? What setting am I missing?


Yes, it works on 4.7 (without IS-Oil, but i think this is not essential).
Customising for this functionality is under IMG menu items: Actual Costing/Material Ledger -> Material Update -> Define Movement Type Groups of Material Ledger, Assign Movement Type Groups of Material Ledger, Define Material Update Structure.

Don't forget also to set "Revaluate consumption" check box in ML closing costing run "Post closing" step's parameters screen.


That could be it ! I do not have this option (P_RECONS or PXCOBL) on the Post Closing screen when maintaining the variant! There is only the option for Revaluate materials.... any idea what controls this option field on the selection screen? To me the ABAP look like this parameter should be invisible depending on the result of the call of Code:

e_active = l_active


Another question: do you have other step in the Actual Costing Run then the following

Determine Sequence
Single-Level Pr. Determination
Multilevel Pr. Determination
Post Closing
Mark Material Prices

Shouldn't there be an entry for Revaluate consumptions?


Is the SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension Set "EA-FIN Financials Extension" activated in your system?

You can find "Activation Switch for SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension Set" item at the top of IMG menu tree. As I remember, we also had lost several functionality items related to revaluation, before we had activated EA-FIN. There was a SAP consultation, to activate EA-FIN to have revaluation of consumption option:

"The Revaluation of Consumption in release 4.7 (Enterprise) belongs to the Extension "EA-FIN" (Financials Extension). In order to use any new functionality belonging to an Extension, you have to activate the corresponding Extension.
Please start the customizing (transaction SPRO) and execute the function "SAP Reference IMG" (or your corresponding customizing). At the very top you find the function "Activation Switch for SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension Set". Please execute it. Set the flag "Active" at the Appl.
"EA-FIN" and save your work.
Now you have activated all functionality of the Financials Extension, including the Revaluation of Consumption.

Some system table entries were not shipped in Enterprise release, for unknown reasons.

Please apply the note 631395 to create the missing entries."