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Asset Revaluation

My Client is having policy to revalue assets after 4 years
They revalue plant, blgds. road, tubewellsss

Let me know how at configure revaluation in SAP
There are various terms such as gross block, gross replacement value, net replacement values, etc
How to map it in SAP
As regards depreciation on revlaued figure, the charge it on basis of life.


Gross Block: Rs. 100
Gross replacement value: 300
Increase in value: Rs.200
This increase in value is depreciated over life of asset & gross block ie Rs. 100 will be depreciated at the rate in companies act....

Let me knw...

Send me some material on it


  • 11 Oct 2010 8:08 am rekha
    if you want the report of tax depriciation calculated on all assets than you can get it through J1IQ, but for that purpose you have to manage group assets in this depriciation area. if you want only individual
    asset report than it can get from asset explorer(AW01N).
    This is due to the fact that Authorization profile doesn't have the asset class and transaction type 160(credit memo in the following year).

    Use SU53 to find the missing authorization in the role.(copy the role name)
    use PFCG and use the role and check for the relevant objects.
    Check whether u have the asset class and TT160.U'll find either of this will be missing.
    Now include that,u'll be thru.
  • 11 Oct 2010 8:09 am rekha
    I tried ur way and found out that the configuration is fine.
    I feel that there is some program error in MIRO which we are trying to fix.
  • 11 Oct 2010 8:09 am rekha
    I believe It has nothing to do with link between asset class and t type, Please check whether your user profile has authorisaion to post to asset in that asset class as you are trying to post to asset from MM. You can use AB01 and try to post from AA to check your authorisation.