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How to Pass JV in SAP

Actually In my company they asking me to get practice in SAP to pass JV...They gave me test server also for that... I was refering the original data to pass the JV in FB01.....


I m passing the JV by crediting the vendor and debiting the expenses as per original data ... the expenses account is created as reconsilation account ... i can not remove the reconsilation account also in Gl master .....


is there any possibility me to pass the Jv ???? 


error files also attached... pls find and give me solution.... .


the error is posting below after making the posting


Account 170800 in company code VSIN cannot be directly posted to

Message no. F5354


Account "170800" in company code "VSIN" is marked as a reconciliation account for account type "K" and cannot therefore be directly posted to.

System Response



Select a different account.


  • 28 Jul 2008 9:30 am msonalkar

    it seems that your are posting to reconciliation account. Instead you can post to customer or vendor account. The reconciliation acount is only the total of all customer or vendor respectively to whom they are assigned. The reconciliation account total tallys with total transactions in customer or vendor accounts.

    Warm Regards
  • 14 Jan 2009 10:39 am Guest
    How to solve it ?
  • 12 Feb 2009 3:25 am Guest
    you can post into one of vendor account that has recon account 170800.

  • 22 Oct 2010 10:25 am Guest