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Asset Acquisition-Without Vendor- ABZON

Accounting→Financial Accounting→Fixed assets→Posting→Acquisition→External Acquisition→Without Vendor.

1. Enter the asset number, Enter the document date, Enter the posting date.

2. Enter asset value date, Enter the value amount.

3. Enter the quantity and the unit of measure for the asset. Click on the next tab on screen- Additional Details.

4. Enter the posting period( If June then enter O6), Enter the posting type- AA as an example.

5. Enter the offsetting account number.

6. Click on the simulate button or use system, simulate- If all fields are correct for the front screen the header record will be displayed- But not posted yet- Just a view before posting.

7. If the header information is correct for the asset then process the document.

8. Click on the save    the required data- will be posted and the transaction completed- Document will appear at the bottom of the screen.

9. If the information has error then message will be displayed- read, click off and refresh the screen with   and fix then repeat option 12 to save.

Data will be verified and saved Message reads at bottom of screen- Document was posted in company code.