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Problem: Price changes for material "XXX" is not possible

Hi colleagues.
Could someone help me? I am facing the following problem when trying to relase prices at CK24:
(Thank you)

Price changes for material P72100918  is not possible

Message no. C+811


You want to change the price or release planned prices for material P72100918 with valuation type  in valuation area BU04. You have, however, already entered actual data or performed a single-level price determination in the period concerned. The status of the material in the period is Quantities and Values Entered.
Price determination indicator 3 assumes that the standard price remains constant throughout the period, so that all movements can be valuated preliminarily with the same standard price.  Therefore, you can only change the standard price at the beginning of a period (i.e. as long as no actual data was entered).

System response

The system does not allow the price changes or the release of planned prices for this material in this period.

Procedure for System Administration

In the future, to automatically release your planned prices upon creation of new actual data you can allow dynamic price release in Customizing for Actual Costing/Material Ledger.