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Accounts Payable End-User Manuals

If you are new to this sub-module, you should surely check the Accounts Payable Manual which is very descriptive for beginners. Below are the end-user manuals you will find in this package;

    * Adjust Advance against Bank Guarantee
    * Adjustment of Advance against Bank Guarantee
    * Advance against Salary-Traveling-GPF-Loans
    * Advance Payment With Reference to PO
    * Block or unblock vendor
    * Carry forward of vendor balances
    * Change Tax Rate after Invoice Posted
    * Cheque with Alternative Payee-A
    * Cheque with Alternative Payee-B
    * Create vendor
    * Foreign Currency Payments
    * Full Adjustment of Advance and its Clearing
    * Late Delivery Charges
    * Maintain Exchange Rates
    * Park Vendor’s Invoice
    * Partial Adjustment of Advance
    * Partial Payment of Invoice
    * Post Bank Guarantee Against Advance From Vendor
    * Post Vendor’s Invoice
    * Processing of Time Barred Cheque
    * Re-Issuance of Cheque-A
    * Re-Issuance of Cheque-B
    * Reversal of invoice
    * Staff reimbursement through cheque-A
    * Staff reimbursement through cheque-B
    * Staff reimbursements through cheque
    * Stop Payment with Cancellation of Invoice
    * Stop payment without cancellation of invoice
    * Vendor or customer reconciliation
    * Withholding Tax Splitting
    * Change vendor master data

Free PDF  FI Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable


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