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How to display GL balance for the particular date

Dear Friends,

I am a new user of SAP . I want to know how to display any gl balance for the particular date.

For example if we want to see the cash balance of date 06.06.09.

or for the date of 01.01.09. means previous date.






  • 06 Jun 2009 9:07 pm Guest
    Hi Akhilesh,

    Use tcode FBL3N, in the parameter screen there is a field "open at key date". This field allows you to see the balance of the GL at any particular date. You may use also other parameter such as Posting date in FBL3N.

    For monthly balance of GL account you can use tcode FS10N.

    Hope it helps,

  • 13 Jun 2009 7:14 am Akhilesh Mishra
    Hi Ramil,

    Thanks for reply.
    I have tried, but with FBL3N is use for display G/L line item or entries.
    and I want to see the display balance of G/L. With FS10N we can see the current balance but what if we like to see the previous date G/L Balance only not line item/ entries.

    With regards