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Case Study


The CEO of ABC Motors International, through an extensive evaluation process, has decided that his company requires an integrated software system. Having examined a number of possible solutions, he has determined that SAP's R/3 system best suits the company's needs and growth, and has bought licenses for the FI, CO, SD, and MM modules. Your firm has been contracted to lead the installation project that includes some business process re-engineering.

Your team, assigned to assist ABC Motors International in the implementation of this business system, is to build a working prototype of the system and present it to the executive committee. Considering the attached information gathered from the client, your talented consulting team should design and configure the organizational structure and applicable master records to support the business. All appropriate posting documents and resulting accounting documents for each business transactions should be prototyped and tested. Document and justify any significant recommendations. In your presentation, significant attention should be given to integration and to the flow of business through the supply chain.

The following key areas should be covered.

Planning issues encountered and their resolution.
Integration points throughout the software.
Flow of business transactions.
Problems and obstacles found in prototyping the proposed implementation model.

Attached is the information already gathered by your project team. You have limited access to the Senior Management Steering Committee of ABC Motors International to respond to questions you may have and provide further information as required.

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