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Business area assignment in tax line items

In our SAP system business area does not get updated in any of automatically created tax line items like billing and miro etc

I have checked in one of our vendor companies system the same is getting updated

Screen shots are available in attached file for both live instances

Please check and help me in this regard


Screen Shot of accounting document generated through VF01 from one of vendors system

This is screen shot of accounting document generated through VF01 from our System where business area is not getting updated for tax line items


  • 22 Jun 2009 3:02 am saperpguru
    1) complete asignment in enterprise structure i.e. business area / plant/ division
    2) in material master update division.... on the basis of this system will pick business area during MIGO / MIRO
  • 19 Mar 2014 2:31 pm Guest

    There is few user exit which im also searching