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Display Cost Centers Master Data

To run a report of your cost centers that you can export or download to Excel, the T-code is:  KS13.

Display Cost Centers Master Data

KS13 - Display Cost Centers will let you select cost centers by a Cost Center group, a range, or all cost centers. 

Once in, you can select which fields you want in the report using the Select Layout, Change Layout, and Save Layout buttons (circled in red in the image above). 

Simply select the columns you want from the Column Set box on the right and click the <- arrow to move them into the list of selected columns.

 Change Layout screen

in this way you cost center data


  • 22 May 2008 6:12 pm Guest

    Can you schedule the running of KS13 as a batch job so that both the running of the transaction and the download of the fields retrieved are done automatically? It doensn't appear to be the case. Am I incorrect?

    Shawn Cobb
  • 05 Jun 2014 2:50 am Guest

    How do I export this screen to excel?


    Thanks and regards