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Tax code A0 does not exist in Tax Procedure TAXINN

Hi All,

I am facing problem while doing FB60 & FB70 "Tax code A0 does not exist in Tax Procedure TAXINN"

As I have already assign tax code in country & also define in TAXINN in FTXP but still I am facing the problem.


Check all the tax settings as below:

Define Tax Codes for sales and Purchases:

IMG à Financial Accountingà Financial Accounting Global Settings à Tax on Sales/Purchasesà Calculationà Define Tax Codes for Sales and

Purchases FTXP and then see if AO - which i assume output tax '0' is configured, first it is going to ask you the country and I believe in this case it is IN for India, then put the tax code IN and AO and see if the account key MWS if it is output is updated with a percentage.

In this tab go to Environment tab on the top and click on transaction key then double click on MWS Output tax and then the tax type should be 1 and you can put separate line item

This should solve the issue


  • 20 Nov 2012 6:40 pm Guest
    select A0 DELETE
  • 21 Sep 2016 8:07 pm Guest

    500 SAP Internal Server Error

    ERROR: Tax code N( country IN does not exist in procedure TAXINN (termination: RABAX_STATE)