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User exits for the interface for accounting

For the transfer to accounting (function group V60B), the following user exits are available for you in program SAPLV60B:

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_001: Change of header data in structure ACCHD
    In this exit, you can influence the header information of the accounting document. For example, here you can influence the business transaction, the time of entry, the 'Created by' entry or the transaction used to create the document.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_002: Changes the ACCIT customer line.
    In this exit, you can influence the customer line of the accounting document. This exit is processed from the VBRK document header after structure ACCIT is filled.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_003: Change of customer line for POS update
    For POS accounting, the customer line is filled differently. For this, you can influence the ACCIT structure in user exit 003.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_004: Change of the ACCIT G/L account line.
    Additions for the G/L account line for example, by means of quantity specifications are possible in user exit 004.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_005: User exit for accruals
    After all pieces of relevant data for accruals are stored in the G/L account line, you can add to this information in user exit 005.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_006: Change for the ACCIT tax line
    Additions for the tax account line are possible in user exit 006.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_007: Change of the installment plan parameters
    Additions to the installment plan parameters in the G/L account line are possible in user exit 007.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_008: Change transfer structures ACCCR and ACCIT.
    After all pieces of data are filled in the accounting document, you can finally influence them in user exit 008.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_010: Item table for customer lines
    In user exit 010 you can influence the contents of the customer line before it is created.

    EXIT_SAPLV60B_011: Change of the parameters for cash or reconciliation account determination
    In this user exit you can influence account determination by means of changes to inbound parameters.

Use the specified user exits for your requirements.


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    i want exit for miro to account document number ine item chaninge please help me or mail me