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Error KI235 'Account & requires an assignment to a CO object'

What can you do if the system displays error message KI235?

Check the account determination:

An account assignment is required not only for consumption postings (GBB) but also for price differences (PRD/AUM).

Certain account groupings should not be assigned to a cost element:

  • GBB VAX (goods issues for sales orders without account assignment object)
  • GBB VQP (sampling without account assignment)

Check field selection (T156B.OMBW, OMCJ, OMJA, centrally via Transaction OMJJ):

Check whether the field selection of the movement type is set correctly. At least one account assignment field should be ready for input.For special stock E/Q:see Note 117596. For Transaction MIGO Release 4.6C, the Enjoy field selection should be maintained.

'Check account assignment' field (T156X-XPKON.OMWN, centrally via Transaction OMJJ)

An account assignment is only copied for the accounting line (GBB/KBS) with the indicator 'Check account assignment'.SAP recommends that you do not set the indicator for other lines (PRD/AUM) (see above). Use Transaction OKB9 for the PRD line

Check automatic account assignment (Transaction OKB9)

If no manual entry is possible, an automatic account assignment can be defined.Check that an automatic account assignment is defined for the account in the company code.

Remember that an automatic account assignment is only possible if the account assignment is not a required entry field, as the required entry field check forces you to make a manual entry.

Check automatic account assignment per business area:

- the business area field must be ready for input (field selection)
- the material must have a division (MARA-SPAR)
- the combination valuation area/division must be maintained (T134H)

Check the automatic account assignment per profit center:

- the field profit centers must be ready for input (field selection)
- the material must have a profit center at the plant (ARNB PRCTR)

Problems with profitability segment:

check Notes 70159, 75653, 80466 and 95031

Goods receipt for subcontract order:

Set the field selection of movement type 543 - 546 so that you can maintain a manual account assignment in Transaction MB01 (or Release MIGO as of Release 4.6C) for the components.This is not possible in Transaction MIGO Release 4.6B (see Note 213318). For Transaction MB01, the classic field selection (as of 201) should be maintained for Transaction MIGO the Enjoy field selection.

For a purchase order with account assignment, the account assignment of the main line can be passed on to the components: see Note 68105.

Transfer posting with non-valuated material:

Check that no valuation class is maintained in the material master of the material (accounting view).Also make sure that you implemented Note 158220 in your system.

Cancellation GR from Release 3.1:only via Transaction MB01 102 (note in process)