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Month End Closing Processes Guide | SAP FI

Month-End Closing in SAP comprises activities involved in closing a posting period. This document contains several steps and transactions used within the Month-End Closing process for a specific company. After a brief introduction a detailed explanation of the transactions in the main part of the documentation follows. Find below a list of transaction processes covered in this guide;

Transaction F-02 (Payroll Expenses Input)

Transaction KKAO (Calculate Work in Process: Collective Processing), Transaction KKS1 (Variance Calculation: Collective Processing), Transaction CO88 (PO Settlement: Collective Processing), Transaction KO8G (Settlement of Internal Orders)

Transaction F.50 (Profit and Loss Adjustment), Transaction F.5D (Calculate Balance Sheet Adjustment), Transaction F.5E (Post Balance Sheet Adjustment), Transaction F.05 (Foreign Currency Valuation)

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Transaction KSV5 (Allocations Distribution)

Transaction S_ALR_87012284 (Scrap Reclassification), Transaction ZCOPC (Balance Sheet Valuation), Transaction MB51 (Report of Monthly Scrap), Transaction KB51 (MAT & QUA Maintenance), Transaction KEU2 (Cycle Maintenance)

Transaction KB51 (MAT & QUA Maintenance) , Transaction KEU2 (Cycle Maintenance)

Transaction KSA3 (Social Benefits Actual Accrual), Transaction KO8G (Actual Settlement of Internal Orders)

Transaction AFAR (Recalculate Depreciation), Transaction RAANALYZE01 (Determine Locked CC and IO), Transaction AFAB (Posting Depreciation), Transaction ASKB (Periodic Asset Posting)

Transaction KEU5 (Run Assessment Cycles)

Transaction KSS1 (Variances Calculation for Cost Centers), Transaction KSS2 (Actual Fix/Variable Cost Splitting), Transaction KALC (Reconciliation FI-CO)

Transaction KE30 (Export of P&L Report)

  • Payroll
  • Revision of Material
  • Adjustment and Process Maintenance
  • Expenses Allocation
  • Scrap and Material Valuations
  • Maintenance
  • Sales & Cost of Sales
  • Personnel Expenses
  • Fixed Assets
  • CO-PA Assessment
  • Variances Calculation
  • P & L Report
  • Balance Statement
  • P&L Forecast.

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