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While running the program UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE to clear the cache several important questions arise in our minds. This tutorial answer some of such questions below:

What cache will be deleted after running these two programs?

After running UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE programs the cache EPM Add-in cache on the BPC server side will be cleared.

How often we need to run these programs?

It is recommended to run this programs only when you encounter EPM Add-in issue, for example, Master data member missing, Wrong CSV format etc.

What is the difference between UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE programs?

When Time-Dependent Hierarchy(TDH) dimensions is enabled both UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE needs to be run. Otherwise, there is no need to run UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE only running UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE program will be enough. But if you are not sure that THD dimension is enabled or not then in that case you can run both the programs. There will be no side-effect on your system.

Is the parameter case sensitive?

YES, the parameter is case sensitive. From RSA1, you see the environment name is a capital letter, but if you input capital letter while running the program no cache will be cleared.

What parameters should we input when there is no F4 help for us to select ?

In APPSET parameter, you don't need to input /CPMB/ENV_XXX therefore you only need to input ENV_XXX. To make sure whether the parameters you input are correct or not, please open table UJXO_DIM_CACHE from SE16 and copy the value from column APPSET_ID and DIM_NAME. For DIM parameter, you can leave it empty. It will clear the cache for all the dimensions.