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Error while Opening an RFC Connection with SCM Optimizers

RFC connection problems

A) Is the SAP RFC gateway installed on the server on which the SCM Optimizers are installed?
B) Checking RFC destinations to determine whether the correct path and host name are used. We recommend the setting "Start on Explicit Host" even if you use the local host as the optimization server.
In addition, you should check if the correct executable is stored after the relevant RFC destination. The installation guide lists all of the executables, matching the RFC destination.
In the case of the host name, you should also consider its ability to explode and you may have to test the IP address or the full domain name of the host.
C) Start on the optimization server in the command line of one of the executables with the parameter -version.
Example: dsoptsvr -version
This ensures the correct environment for the optimization server.

If the execution fails, check the error message or, if required, the event log (Microsoft Windows) and check the following steps:

D) Linux: An error message with the text "version `GLIBCxx_xyz' not found" (xyz specifies the version number) generally indicates an incompatible Linux version. Carry out the process steps specified above to check the used Linux release for compatibility.

E) Windows: In most cases, installation of the Microsoft Runtime is required (for example: The system cannot execute the specified program). As of SCM Optimizer 10.0, the runtime is in the SCM Optimizer archive. The file name starts with vcredist (for example, vcredist_x64.msi) and should always be installed.
F) Authorization problems: The user under which the SAP RFC gateway is executed requires compatible authorizations for the directory or directories of the SCM Optimizers because the gateway is responsible for the start of the optimizer executable.
G) Windows: If the Microsoft runtime was copied manually or incorrectly, a new installation may not overwrite it. In this case, manually delete the files msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll, and mfc*100.dll from %windir%system32 and install the Microsoft runtime again (see d)).
H) Gateway problems: Newer versions of the SAP Gateway expect configuration of the security settings in the secinfo configuration file. Errors of this type are issued in the Gateway working directory (default: usr/sap///wrk) in the relevant Gateway log file, and appear approximately as follows: 
secinfo denied: USER=, USER-HOST=, HOST=, TP=  
Solutions are described in SAP 1305851.