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Open and Close posting Periods

T-code (OB52) Path

Financial Accounting-> Financial Accounting Global Setting-> Documents-> Posting Periods-> Open and Close posting Periods 

In this activity you specify for each variant which posting periods are open for posting. Two intervals are available for doing this (period 1 and period 2). For every interval, enter a lower period limit, an upper period limit and the fiscal year.

You close periods by selecting the period specifications so that the periods to be closed are no longer contained.


There must be at least one entry for each variant. This entry must have + in column A ; the columns "From acct" and "To account" may not be filled. In the columns for the posting periods, you specify the periods which are to be opened for the variant. Via further entries, you determine more specifically which periods are to be opened for which accounts

Open and Close posting

Select New Entries

Open and Close posting

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  • 12 Dec 2011 12:15 pm rekha
    Define the posting company code variant in SM30 - V_T010O

    Assign the company code variant in SM30 - V_001_R

    Maintain the open and close posting period with OB52.

    You can control period by : -

    1. G/L number range.

    2. Company code.

    3. Company code and G/L range.
  • 28 Sep 2012 7:14 am Guest
    How From period to period is chosen and From year to year is chosen, is it we can update fiscal year in all fields of ( From year -to year).
    Could you please explain it of how periods can be kept open and closed, and How the year should be chosen.

    Thank you.