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Transaction Codes for Account Payable

Document Entry

FB60 – Invoice

F-43 – Invoice – General FB65 – Credit Memo

F-41 – Credit Memo – General

FB10 – Invoice/Credit Memo Fast Entry FV60 – Park or Edit Invoice

F-63 – Invoice Parking – General FV65 – Park/Edit Credit Memo

F-66 – Credit Memo Parking – General F-47 – Request Down Payment

F-48 – Down Payment

F-54 – Clearing Down Payment F-40 – Payment Bill of Exchange FBW6 – Check/Bill of Exchange F-52 – Incoming Payment

F-42 – Without Clearing F-51 – With Clearing

F-55 – Statistical Posting F-57 – Noted Items

FKMT – Account Assignment Model

FBD1Recurring Entry Document F-01 – Sample Document

F-53 – Post Outgoing Payment

F-58 – Post + Print Forms for Outgoing Payment

F-59 – Payment Request for Outgoing Payment


FB02 – Change

FB09 – Change Line Items FB03 – Display

FB04 – Display Changes

FBV0 – Post/Delete Parked Document

FV60 – One-Screen Transaction for Posting/Deleting Parked Documents

FBV2 – Change Parked Documents

FV60 – One-Screen Transaction for Changes Parked Documents

FBV3 – Display Parked Documents

FBV4 – Change Header Parked Documents

FBV5 – Display Changes Parked Documents

FBV6 – Reject Parked Documents

FBD2 – Change Recurring Entry Documents

FBD3 – Display Recurring Entry Documents

FBD4 – Display Changes Recurring Entry Documents

F.56 – Delete Recurring Entry Documents

FBM2 – Change Sample Documents

FBM4 – Display Changes Sample Documents

F.57 – Delete Sample Documents

F-56 – Reverse Statistical Posting

F-46 – Reverse Check/Bill of Exchange

FBWD – Process Bill of Exchange Payable

FB08 – Individual Reversal of Document

F.80 – Mass Reversal of Documents

FBU2 – Change Cross-CC Transactions

FBU3 – Display Cross-CC Transactions

FBU8 – Reverse Cross-CC Transactions

FBZ5 – Print Payment Forms


FK10N – Display Balances

FBL1N – Display/Change Line Items F-44 – Clear

FB12 – Request Correspondence

F.64 – Maintain Correspondence

Master Records

FK01 – Create FK02 – Change FK03 – Display

FK05 – Block/Unblock

FK06 – Set Deletion Indicator

FK08 – Single Confirmation of Change

FK09 – List Confirmation of Change FK04 – Display Changes

F.48 – Purchasing – Accounting FK15 – Send Company Codes FK16 – Receive Company Codes XK01 – Create Centrally

XK02 – Change Centrally XK03 – Display Centrally

XK05 – Block/Unblock Centrally

XK06 – Set Deletion Indicator Centrally XK04 – Display Changes Centrally

Periodic Processing

SCMA – Schedule Manager F110 – Payments Automatic

F110SSchedule Payment Program Periodically

F.4A – Without Open Items Interest on Arrears Calculation F.4B – With Open Items Interest on Arrrears Calculation F.4C – Without Postings Interest on Arrears Calculation

F.47 – Free Selections Interest on Arrears Calculation

F.44Balance Interst Calculation Calculation F150 – Dunning

F.13 – Automatic Clearing

F13E – With Clearing Currency Specified

F.61 – As per Requests Print Correspondence

F.63 – Delete Requests Print Correspondence

F.27 – Periodic Account Statements Print Correspondence

F.62 – Internal Documents Print Correspondence SO10 – Enter Text Standard Letters

F.66 – Issue Letters Standard Letters

F.18 – Print Letters Balance Confirmations

F.1B – Create Index Balance Confirmations

F.1A – Group Vendors Balance Confirmations

F.14 – Execute Recurring Entries

F.15 – Lists Recurring Entries

S_ALR_87012114 – Bill of Exchange List

S_ALR_87012115 – Extended Bill of Exchange List with ABAP List Viewer

F.18 – Balance Confirmation: Print

F.1B – Balance Confirmation: Create Index F.1A – Balance confirmation: Group vendors

FB2E – Cross-System Reconciliation of Affiliated Companies

F.05 – Valuation of Open Items in Foreign Currency

FAGL_FC_VAL – Foreign Currency Valuation of Open Items (New)

FJA4 – Inflation Adjustment of Open Items in Foreign Currencies

FJA6 – Inflation Adjustment of Open Payables in Local Currency

F101 – Reclassify Receivables/Payables

FAGLF101 – Sorting/Reclassification (New)

S_ALR_87012098 – Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail from the Document File

F.07 – Balance Carryforward

Withholding Tax

S_P00_07000134 – Generic Withholding Tax Reporting

S_PL0_09000447 – Withholding Tax Report for the Vendor

Useful Reports Tcode in SAP Financial Accounting


Information Systems

  1. Structured Account Balances (Balance Sheet & P&L Account in FS Version Format)


  2. GL Account Balances (Totals & Balances ) S_ALR_87012301

  3. GL Line Items S_ALR_87012282

  4. Statements for GL Accounts, Customers & Vendors S_ALR_87012332

  5. Document Journal S_ALR_87012287

  6. Compact Document Journal S_ALR_87012289

  7. Line Item Journal S_ALR_87012291

  8. Display of Changed Documents S_ALR_87012293

  9. Invoice Numbers assigned Twice S_ALR_87012341

  10. Gaps in Document Number Assignments S_ALR_87012342

  11. Posting Totals Document Type wise S_ALR_87012344

  12. Recurring Entry Documents S_ALR_87012346

    Master Data

  13. Chart of Accounts S_AL:R_87012326

  14. GL Account List S_AL:R_87012328

  15. Display Changes to GL Accounts S_ALR_87012308

  16. Financial Statement Version FSE2


  1. Check Information List FCH6

  2. Check Register FCHN

  3. Check Number Ranges S_P99_41000102


  1. List of Internally generated Excise Invoices J1I7

  2. Capital Goods Transfer of Credit J2I8

  3. List of GRs without Excise Invoice J1IGR

  4. List of SubContract Challans J1IFR

  5. CENVAT Register J2I9

    • (Monthly Return under Rule 57AE of the Central excise Rules from which Monthly Return under Rule 7 of the CENVAT Credit Rules 2001)
  6. Registers : RG 23A/C Part I &II , RG1, PLA J1I5,J2I5,J2I6


Information Systems

  1. Bill Holdings (Bill of Exchange Receivable List with ALV facility)


  2. Customer Balances in Local Currency S_ALR_87012172

  3. Customer Line Items S_ALR_87012197

  4. Due Dates Analysis for Open Items S_ALR_87012168

  5. List of Customer Open Items S_ALR_87012173

  6. Customer Evaluation with Open Item Sorted List S_ALR_87012176

  7. Customer Payment History S_ALR_87012177

  8. Customer Open Item Analysis (Overdue Items Balance) S_ALR_87012178

  9. List of Customer Cleared Line Items S_ALR_87012198 and List of Down Payments open at key date S_ALR_87012199

  10. Debit & Credit Notes Register – Monthly S_ALR_87012287

  11. Customer wise Sales S_ALR_87012186


(Note : Similar Reports available for A/R are available for A/P also)

  1. Vendor Balances S_ALR_87012082

  2. Vendor Debit/Credit Memo Register S_ALR_87012287

  • Is there a Report displaying Master data, that is a list of vendors showing name, address, payment method, etc ( everything about vendor). Is their any report like that and what's the table name to display all vendor master data too.
  • Go to this menu:
  • Financial Accounting -> Accounts Payable -> Information System -> Reports for AP accounting -> Master Data.
  • How to get Report of Withholding Tax along with Vendor Name. What is the T-Code or Path for this report?
  • You can get the withholding tax report for vendor by using these S_P00_07000134 - Generic Withholding Tax Reporting S_PL0_09000447 - Withholding tax report for the vendor
  • Which reports we can use for the receivables to be checked on daily basis?
  • Go to SAP Easy Access main menu.
  • Go To Accounting -> FI Acc -> customer(receivables) -> information system -> reports .
  • Here you can get all the standard reports for receivables.