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List: of CPIC error codes

CPIC return codes (not SAP-specific)


  CM_OK                          0
  CM_PARAMETER_ERROR            19
  CM_UNSUCCESSFUL              28
  CM_SYSTEM_EVENT               36

Gateway error codes

  CPIC_ERROR                    221 Error in the CPIC interface
  CANT_GET_MEMORY              222 Memory bottleneck
  NI_READ_FAILED                223 Network read error
  NI_WRITE_FAILED              224 Network write error
  INVALID_REQUEST              225 Invalid request
  NOT_YET_CONNECTED            226 Not yet connected
  GW_WP_DIED                    227 Gateway process died
  SHM_READ_FAILED              228 Shared memory problem (read)
  SHM_WRITE_FAILED              229 Shared memory problem (write)
  NO_MORE_LU                    230 No available LU
  NO_MORE_WP                    231 No available gateway process
  CANT_START_WORKPROCESS        232 Error when starting the gateway process
  WRONG_COMM_TYPE              233 Wrong communication type
  CONNECT_FAILED                234 Connection setup failed
  COMM_TABLE_ERROR              235 Error in comm. table
  GW_CONNECT_FAILED            236 No connection to the gateway
  GW_DISCONNECTED              237 Connection to the gateway disconnected
  WRITE_TO_GW_FAILED            238 Error with GW comm. (write)
  READ_FROM_GW_FAILED          239 Error with GW comm. (read)
  INVALID_LEN                  240 Invalid length
  INVALID_ENVIRONMENT           241 Invalid environment
  GW_TIMEOUT                    242 Timeout
  GW_CONNECT_TO_R3              243 Error when setting up R/3 connection
  SYSTEM_DISCONNECTED          244 Partner disconnected connection
  MEM_OVERFLOW                  245 Memory overflow
  WRONG_APPCHDR_VERSION         246 Incorrect APPC header version
  GW_APPC_SERVER_DOWN          247 Loc. gateway not started
  TXCOM_TABLE_FAILED            248 Error when accessing TXCOM
  COMM_TABLE_OVERFLOW           249 Comm. table full

  C_NO_MEM                      450 No memory
  C_NO_SIDE_INFO                451 No SIDE INFO entry
  C_TP_START                    452 TP-START failed
  C_NO_INIT                    453 No initialization
  C_GETLU                      454 "getlu" failed
  C_SIGNAL                      455 "signal" failed
  C_TIMEOUT                    456 Timeout when establishing connection
  C_ALLC                        457 CMALLC failed
  C_SEND                        458 CMSEND failed
  C_PREPARE                    459 Prepare-To-Receive failed
  C_FLUSH                      460 CMFLUS failed
  C_RECEIVE                    461 CMRCV failed
  C_NO_ARGUMENT                462 Missing argument
  C_GET_ALLOCATE                463 "get_allocate" failed
  C_DEAL                        464 CMDEAL failed
  C_TP_END                      465 TP-END failed
  C_MAX_CONV                    466 Max. number conv. reached
  C_SNAOPEN                    467 "snaopen" failed
  C_SNACTL                      468 "snactl" failed
  C_NO_FLUSH                    469 No flush in IBM environment
  C_SNACLSE                    470 "snaclse" failed
  C_STATE_CHECK                471 Status error
  C_NO_SIDE_INFO_ENTRY          472 No side info entry
  C_NO_CONV                    473 No conversation
  C_MANUAL_CANCELD              474 Connection manually cancelled
  C_AUTO_CANCELD                475 Connection automatically cancelled
  C_NO_PARTNER                  476 No partner found
  C_CONFIRM                    477 Confirm failed
  C_CONFIRMED                  478 Confirmed failed
  C_NO_HOST_IN_SIDE_INFO        479 GWHOST not in side info entry
  C_NO_SERV_IN_SIDE_INFO        480 GWSERV not in side info entry
  C_NO_PROT_IN_SIDE_INFO        481 PROTOCOL not in side info entry
  C_NO_LU_IN_SIDE_INFO          482 LU not in side info entry
  C_NO_TP_IN_SIDE_INFO          483 TP not in side info entry
  C_NO_GATEWAY_CONNECTION       484 No connection to the gateway
  C_GETHOSTNAME                485 gethostname failed
  C_NO_SAP_CMACCP              486 SAP_CMACCP not executed
  C_NO_PROGRAM_NAME_ARG         487 Program not in arg. list
  C_NO_HOST_ARG                488 Host not in arg. list
  C_NO_SERV_ARG                489 Service not in arg. list
  C_NO_CONVID_ARG              490 Conv. ID not in arg. list
  C_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER           491 Illegal parameter
  C_LU62CVCT                    492 LU62CVCT failed
  C_LU62ATTACH                  493 LU62ATTCH failed
  C_NO_CONV_TABLE              494 No conv. table
  C_ILL_CONV_TABLE              495 Incorrect conv. table
  C_ILL_MOD_VALUES              496 Invalid conv. modification
  C_NIHOSTTOADDR                497 NiHostToAddr failed
  C_NIADDRTOHOST                498 NiAddrToHost failed
  C_THOST_FAILED                499 Reading table THOST failed

  INVALID_MODE                  630 Invalid mode number received
  MAX_NO_OF_GATEWAYS            631 Max. no. of gateways reached
  MISSING_LU_SPEC              632 No LU specified
  MAX_CPIC_CLIENTS              633 Max. no. of clients reached
  BAD_TPNAME                    634 Invalid TP name
  FORK_FAILED                  635 Fork failed
  BAD_NI_HANDLE                636 Invalid NI handle
  REXEC_FAILED                  637 rexec failed
  TP_START_FAILED              638 Starting the TPs failed
  NI_DG_SEND_FAILED            639 NiDgSend failed
  INTERNAL_ERROR                640 Internal error

  GW_HOST_UNKNOWN              664 Gateway host unknown
  GW_SERVICE_UNKNOWN            665 Gateway service unknown
  GW_NI_ERROR                  666 NI error
  GW_EXEC_FAILED                667 exec failed
  R2_RESTARTED                  668 R/2 restarted
  SYM_DEST_TOO_LONG            669 Symb. destination too long
  NO_MORE_SIDE_INFO_ENTRY       670 No more side info entries

  R3_LOGIN_FAILED              672 R/3 Login failed
  IMS_ERROR_PURGING            673 IMS error purging
  PENDING_TERM_OUTPUT          674 Timeout of reg. programs
  GW_SECURITY_ERROR            676 TP not registered
  GW_TIMEOUT_REG_PRGM          677 Timeout of registered program
  TP_REGISTERED                678 TP is registered
  TP_NOTREGISTERED              679 TP not registered

  TP_REG_SECU_ERROR            720 Security violation for reg. prgrms
  GW_SNC_DISABLED              721 SNC deactivated
  GW_SNC_REQUIRED              722 SNC required
  GW_SNC_NAME_NOT_SET           723 SNC name not defined
  GW_SNC_NAME_NO_DEFAULT        724 Default SNC name not permitted
  GW_SNC_PROT_NOT_SUPP          725 Log does not support SNC
  GW_R3_NOT_CONNECTED          726 No local R/3 system
  GW_SNC_REQUIRED_FOR_LU_TP     727 SNC required
  CONV_ID_NOT_FOUND            728 Conversation ID not found
  GW_SNC_SECURE_PORT            729 Comm. must make SNC
  GW_SNC_START_EXT_DIS          730 Start of ext. Program deactivated
  GW_SHUTDOWN                  731 Gateway was shut down
  GW_REM_PRGM_DISABLED          732 No external programs
  GW_STOLEN_CONVID              733 Conversation ID does not fit
  GW_NET_CONV_ERROR             734 Net Conv Error
  GW_MONITOR_DISABLED           735 Monitor not active
  GW_DUPLICATE_CVID            736 Conv. ID not unique
  GW_CONNECT_TIMEOUT            737 Timeout of connection setup to remote system
  GW_REQ_TO_DP_FAILED          738 Request could not be transferred to the dispatcher
  GW_CLIENT_ALREADY_DISC        739 Connection partner has already disconnected the connection
  GW_NO_HOST_IN_ROUTE           740 No hosts contained in route
..GW_ROUTE_CONNECT_DIS          741 Route already disconnected (no longer used)
  GW_CONN_IS_FREE              742 Connection already released
  GW_CONN_IS_DISC              743 Connection disconnected
  GW_REQBLK_ADM_ERROR           744 Error in request processing
  GW_BUFINFO_ERROR              745 Error in buffer handling
  GW_HDLINFO_ERROR              746 Error in network handling
  TP_REG_NOREG_ERROR            747 Number of registrations exceeded for this program
  TP_REG_ACCESS_DENIED          748 Access to registered server denied
  GW_PARAM_NOT_FOUND            749 Parameter could not be found
  GW_PRXY_ACCESS_DENIED         750 Gateway must not be used as a proxy
  GW_ACCEPT_TIMEOUT            751 Timeout when logging on (gw/accept_timeout)
  GW_WRONG_SERVER              752 not connected to the gateway

  C_NO_SIDE_INFO_GW            760 No side info file
  C_RECEIVE_WITH_PAR            761 CMRCV failed
  C_NO_SNC_LIB_ARG              762 SNC library not in arg. list
  C_NO_SNC_NAME_ARG            763 SNC name not in argument list
  C_SNC_INV_HANDLE              764 SNC invalid handle
  C_SNC_DISABLED                765 SNC deactivated
  C_SNC_ERROR                  766 General SNC error
  C_SNC_MODE_ON                767 SNC required
  C_SNC_NOT_AVAILABLE           768 SNC not available
  C_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER2          769 Invalid parameter
  C_AREA_TOO_SMALL              770 Memory area too small
  C_SNC_INV_STATE              771 Invalid SNC status
  C_RETURN_CODES                772 Error numbers
  C_REG_STATE_CHECK            773 Status violation during registration
  C_CPICTERR                    774 Error text for error number
  C_NO_SYMDEST                  775 No symbolic destination
  C_FUNCTION_NOT_SUPPORTED      776 Function not supported
  C_NET_CONV_ERROR              777 Conversion error when reading or writing data
  C_SIDEINFO_DISABLED          778 Access to side info file deactivated
  C_TIMEOUT_BLOCK              779 Timeout for blocking network call
  C_FAILOVER_ERROR              780 Error when communicating with failover software
  C_PROXY_ERROR                781 Error when communicating with the proxy server
  C_MPI_ERROR                  782 Error when communicating with memory pipes (Mpi)
  C_MTX_ERROR                  783 Error with lock management (mutex)
  C_CS_ERROR                    784 Error with lock management (critical section)