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Error 'R3TR XXXX YYYY was repaired in this System'

We are getting the following error message while importing a transport request in our system.

Error: R3TR XXXX YYYY was repaired in this system

Where the first 4 'XXXX' means the object type (class, table, program, etc) and the 'YYYY' mean the object name, which may vary in lenght. 


you are having this error because the object mentioned in the message is locked in a transport request that has not been released yet.

It might also be the case that the object has its status locked, but not by a specific request.

to resolve this error please follow the below points.

In order to solve the incidence you have to do the following:

goto transaction SE03

--> Object in Requests--> Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks--> click the 'Execute' icon (F8)--> in the 'Selection of objects' part of the window choose R3TR XXXX YYYY and also select the options 'Also search for sub-objects (not for generic entry)' and 'Modifiable'--> click the 'Execute' icon (F8)--> a list of transport request will be shown.

Look for the request with status 'Modifiable' and release it.

If you have more requests with this error "was repaired in this system and must not be imported", please do the same for them. After that you can repeat the import where you found these error messages, this time the import should finish successfully.

If no modifiable requests are shown, this means that, although the object is not included in any modifiable request, by any reason the object is still locked.

Therefore, you have to unlock the object doing the following:

goto transaction SE03

--> Objects--> Display Repaired Objects--> click the 'Execute' icon (F8)--> select the R3TR XXX YYYY object by single click on it--> click the button 'Repair flag' (F5) to reset the repair of this object.