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Start Database Structure Check Using Database Manager GUI

How to Start database structure check utilizing the Database Manager GUI?

For starting the database structure check in the database manager GUI, select Check.

ONLINE operational state:

Check database structure verifies the entire database. On utilizing the EXTENDED option, the user can activate further checks. Using the EXTENDED option, user can activate further checks. Generally, the user can accelerate the runtime of the check utilizing this option. This refers that no indexes are all verified. Incase, any structural inconsistencies are detected in an index during production operation, this is specified as BAD and the user can correct it by utilizing create new and Delete.

Check database structure for a selected table:

Here, the user can restrict the check to individual tables. User cannot use wildcards in the specification of the table name. Incase, the table has BLOB columns, the user can utilize the option WITH LONG CHECK to verify if all LONG values defined there exist. A SQL shared lock is requested for the duration of the check, because of the transaction consistency.

ADMIN operational state:

Check database structure and clear converter verifies the whole dataset and cleans up the converter. We advise this check, for instance, incase, a backup terminates with a system error after the user recreates an index that was indicated as 'Bad', because the pages of the index which were already deleted are still specified as appropriate for the backup in the converter. The user can also carry out an extended check by using EXTENDED in the ADMIN operational state.